Morphology of Spaces and Public Squares in Old City of Nablus: Analysis and Suggestions of Development

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Osama Abd-Allah Saleh Mustafa
Morphology of Spaces and Public Squares in Old City of Nablus: Analysis and Suggestions of Development13.83 MB

Urban space is an important component of any urban fabric; it is the complementary part of the built up area containing various human activities such as social, recreational and economical activities. It also reflects the overall image of the city. The main objective of this thesis is to study the urban spaces (their forms and elements) inside the Old City of Nablus and their impact on the general urban form of the Old City. The study includes spaces such as plazas, public roads and residential courts, taking into account the cultural, historical, economical and commercial aspects in addition to the aesthetic values of these urban spaces. The methodology of the study was based on the historical, analytical and descriptive methods, in addition to research tools such as observation and field survey. Literature review was achieved from the existing historical and archaeological studies, and available information concerning the city of Nablus. The study concluded the positive and negative points of the urban spaces of the Old City of Nablus, the threats and possibilities to upgrade them, since the existing urban spaces are either neglected or not professionally used. The study ended with general recommendations such as the need for restoration and maintenance of the existing urban spaces, in addition to rehabilitation of some of the damaged or unused spaces. The study also recommended the need to establish a touristic path in the Old City connecting these urban spaces. Finally, the study emphasized on the importance of upgrading these urban spaces. These urban spaces reflect the significant cultural value of the Old City of Nablus. Upgrading these spaces will contribute to the increasing of the quality of life of the inhabitants, the touristic attraction and raising the economical level of the population of the Old City of Nablus.