World Soybean Research Conference VIII, Beijing

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Research Title: 
Gene Expression Profiling of a Resistant and a Susceptible Soybean Challenged with Soybean Cyst Nematode
Mazarei, M.
H. Al-Ahmad
W. Liu
P.R. Arelli
V.R. Pantalone
C. N. Stewart, Jr.
Mon, 2009-08-10
Research Abstract: 

The World Soybean Research Conference (WSRC) is a regular forum for the world's soybean researchers to exchange research results and development activities across all segments of the soybean industry and promote international communication and cooperation. A Continuing Committee consisting of representatives from different regions of the world gives guidance to the conference planners. Being the top international conference for the soybean research community and the industry at large, a quinquennial event, seven WSRCs have been held in different countries since being launched by the University of Illinois in 1975.
The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Crop Science Society of China are pleased to jointly host WSRC VIII. An excellent opportunity will be provided for participants from various regions of the world to share the latest global progress of science and technology in soybean research. Traditional areas where papers will be presented include soybean germplasm, genetics and breeding, molecular biology and biotechnology, physiology and crop production, crop protection, soybean storage and processing, soybean product and use, global demand / trade / strategy.