Improving Cache Memory Utilization

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World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology International Journal of Computer, Control, Quantum and Information Engineering Vol:1, No:2, 2007
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Hamed Abdelhaq
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Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, An-Najah National University, Nablus. Palestine
Sami Serhan
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an efficient technique is proposed to manage the cache memory. The proposed technique introduces some modifications on the well-known set associative mapping technique. This modification requires a little alteration in the structure of the cache memory and on the way by which it can be referenced. The proposed alteration leads to increase the set size virtually and consequently to improve the performance and the utilization of the cache memory. The current mapping techniques have accomplished good results. In fact, there are still different cases in which cache memory lines are left empty and not used, whereas two or more processes overwrite the lines of each other, instead of using those empty lines. The proposed algorithm aims at finding an efficient way to deal with such problem.

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