the international workshop, Roman wall painting: materials, techniques, analysis and conservation, Fribourg, 7-9 March 1996

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Research Title: 
Roman painters at work: materials, instruments, techniques. Archaeological evidences and analytical methods from a Pompei recent excavation along Via dell'Abbondanza (Reg. IX ins. 12)
Varone, Antonio
Bearat, Hamdallah
Thu, 1996-03-07
Research Abstract: 

During excavation in the insula 12 from the Regio IX which began in 1987, in a big hall, traces of wall painting restoration works, probably because of the 79 AD earthquake, were found. Mineralogical and physic-chemical analyses carried out on 40 samples coming from two different rooms brought several evidences on the painting technique and on the working team. A large gamut of pigments was identified: aragonite, celadonite cerussite, disordered hematite, dolomite, Egyptian blue, glauconite, goethite, hematite, malachite, red lead, red ochre, ring-white, soot, volcanic ash and two sorts of yellow ochre. Most of them were identified in the paint fragments from the house of Fabio Rufo.