The International Workshop, Roman Wall Painting: Materials, Techniques, Analysis and Conservation, Fribourg, 7-9 March 1996

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Research Title: 
Analyses physico-chimiques et peintures murales romaines a Avenches, Bösingen, Dietikon et Vallon
Fuchs, Michel
Bearat, Hamdallah
Thu, 1996-03-07
Analyses_physico-chimiques_et_peintures_murales_romaines_a_Avenches,_Bösingen,_Dietikon_et_Vallon.pdf9.52 MB
Research Abstract: 

It is still to early to draw up an inventory of more than four years of archaeometric research on Roman wall painting in Switzerland. Four sites were studied, the archaeological problematic being: pigment identification, technical application and origins. The colours used became better known with time, and they provide some indications about the workshop. Knowing of the technical application is very important to distinguish the painter and the epoch. For some pigment, like green for example, an answer concerning the origin is found. But the question about the means of commercial exchange and pigment application is still open. Also the exact period of certain pigments cannot yet be determined. The choice of the colours on the palette may only be better understood by means of further analysis on a large number of samples