The Characteristics of EFL teachers from a New Perspective

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English Teaching Forum.Vol. 28(l) 1990.pp.42-44.U.S.A.
Year of Publication: 
Fayez M. Taha Aqel
King Faisal University , Hofuf
Current Affiliation: 
Department of English Language and Literature ,Faculty of humanities, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine
El-Hibir, Babikir I.
King Faisal University , Hofuf
Preferred Abstract (Original): 

A great deal of research analyzing the grammatical,  Lexical and spelling errors committed by Arab students leaning English has been conducted(1) (Emam   1972;  Scott & Tucker, 1974;  El-HiBir1976;  Ibrahim, 1978; Kharma 1981; Kharma and Hajjaj1989Mukattash 1981; Shaheen 1984;  Abed El Jawad 1986; El-HiBir & Altaha;1992. However, the pronunciation errors made -by .Arab students in an EFL situation have. not been dealt with. .The only study the writer is aware of is Kharma  & Hajjaj’s 1989 book in which an analysis of and remedy for the errors including those of pronunciation among .Arabic speakers was attempted. They classified the. pronunciation errors into the following types:

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