Advanced Radio Resource Management Solutions for Multi-Access Wireless and Mobile Technologies

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International Journal of Enhanced Research in Science, Technology & Engineering ISSN: 2319-7463, Vol. 4 Issue 9, September-2015
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Saed Tarapiah
Kahtan Aziz
Shadi Atalla
Yousef Tarabeih
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Current wireless access operational scenario is no longer based on a single Radio Access Technology (RAT): 3G cells and WLAN hot spots are partially overlapping the extensive coverage provided by 2G/2.5G systems. It is then quite obvious to investigate how to optimally exploit the plurality of RAT in order to efficiently use the radio resources guaranteeing at the same time a good QoS level to users. This research area is usually identified with the term CRRM Common Radio Resource Management. During the last few years this problem has been widely investigated, especially, from theoretical point of view. Nevertheless, some CRRM aspects related to practical implementations and feasibility still need further investigations, especially by taking into account procedures and functionalities offered by standardization as well as, when possible, techno-economic issues. Also the revisions of previous studies in the light of new features made available in the latest release of the standards could provide new interesting results.
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