Le concept de la guerre des croisades entre la pensée occidentale et la pensée islamique

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La revue des lettres et de traduction n;15
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An-Najah National University
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Abstract: This study attempts to put in evidence the difference of conception (Conceptual Image) between the Muslim world and the occidental civilization concerning the expression "Crusade". The good meaning resulting from the use of this term in most of the European languages could not be understood or accepted by the Muslim community. The images related to this period of history could only be translated, in the Islamic culture, as savage and barbarian episode full of massacre of innocent people and could not have any good meaning. From a European point of view, leaving his home, family and all his possessions to defend, liberate, and protect others is a noble effort. Consequently, a bad translation could be result from the use of the equivalent word of "Crusade" in most of the Islamic related languages especially Arabic. We will try to analyze this problem as a linguistic and historical case study related to translation. We will propose to give an answer on how to translate terms and expressions related to the term "Crusade" in particular when it has positive meanings in the occidental languages.
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