Opportunities and Challenges of Open-source Initiatives in the Palestinian E-government Program

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Fadi Husam Souqia

The purpose of this study was to discover the opportunities and challenges of OSS adoption in the Palestinian e-government program. In addition, this study was intended to access the feasibility of OSS adoption in the Palestinian e-government program. It is also intended to study and identify the expected impact of full OSS adoption in the Palestinian e-government program. Inductive research approach was used to control this qualitative study. Structured interviews were the data collection tool used since the population size was small. A total of thirty interviews were made with the Palestinian e-government team members and the heads of IT departments at all Palestinian public sector agencies. The results of the interviews revealed that there were neither financial nor technical problems in the internal IT infrastructure in the Palestinian public sector agencies that may hamper OSS adoption. Yet, there were some problems in the level of awareness of the objectives and benefits of OSS adoption, the required expertise, the level of higher governmental leadership, support and the cross-agency cooperation among the Palestinian public sector agencies.