activity 6.1 : basic tags

  1. Create a simple HTML document about yourself or a topic of your choice using the basic tags learned in the first lesson. (Keep it simple for these exercises. You will be designing a "real" web page later.)
  2. Save the document as an .htm file and remember where you saved it (name it yournamefile1.htm). If you are using a Mac, you should use the .html file extension.
  3. Launch your WWW browser. If you are already in your web browser (reading this tutorial!), you may want to open asecondbrowser window


  1. View your file in the browser by selecting Open File from the File menu. This may differ somewhat from browser to browser.
  2. Add bold and italic words to your document, save and view.
  3. Add a header to your document, save and view.
  4. Add paragraph and break tags to your document, save and view.
  5. Add a horizontal rule where appropriate, save and view.