activity 4.2


Start up your favorite word processor (such as OpenOffice or Microsoft Word or even WritePad will do). You should be looking at a blank document.

Copy-n-paste the following text into your word processing document:

A short history of Mark-up and the WWW: Part 1 - In the beginning... The Internet and email have both been around for some time now. The initial Internet was actually developed by the US military as a means of communication that was impossible to break! It was thought that if there were thousands of communication points (rather than just a few transmitters) then it would be possible to transmit a message even when many communication points had been destroyed. No-one imagined that the Internet would become a house-hold tool for many people throughout the world! Part 2 - The World-Wide-Web Until 1989, the Internet was primarily used by computer geeks who knew all the required tools and commands. But everything changed when Tim Berners-Lee of the CERN nuclear research facility near Geneva, Switzerland, introduced Hypertext documents. Hypertext documents made it very simple to follow links to related information, regardless of which country the information is stored in - all that was required was a single click of the mouse! Yet these links also had an implication for the way people would read the information...

Is this text easy for you to read? What meaning is missing from this document? How could meaning be added without actually changing any of the text?

Have a go at marking-up the word processing file as you see fit by setting headings, changing font sizes, adding bold and italics, newlines or spaces etc., but don't change the text itself.

How is your document more meaningful now? Print your file to be used in the next face to face meeting.