Conferencesort icon Research Title Date
10th European PVM/MPI User’s Group Meeting Improving Wildland Fire Prediction on MPI Clusters Mon, 2003-09-29
4th International Conference Accelerating Wildland Fire Prediction on Cluster Systems Sun, 2004-06-06
8th International Euro-Par Conference Paderborn Optimization of Fire Propagation Model Inputs: A Grand Challenge Application on Metacomputers Tue, 2002-08-27
Fifth International Conference on Parallel ‎Processing and Applied Mathematics Accelerating Optimization of Input Parameters in Wildland Fire Simulation Sun, 2003-09-07
International Conference Computational Science Evolutionary Optimization Techniques on Computational Grids Sun, 2002-04-21
International Conference on CSIT Genetic vs. particle swarm optimization techniques for traffic lights signal timing Sun, 2014-05-11
The Fourth IEEE International Symposium on Innovation in Information Communication Technology Application of Genetic Algorithm for Synthesis of Large Reversible Circuits using Covered Set Partitions Tue, 2011-11-29
XIV Jornadas de Paralelismo Improving Convergence Speed of Optimization of Input Parameters in Wild-Land Fire Simulation Mon, 2003-09-15