Construction Contracts in Palestine from Engineering and Legal Perspectives

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Minnat-Allah Salem Saqfelhait
Construction Contracts in Palestine from Engineering and Legal Perspectives1.96 MB

Abstract The construction industry in Palestine is one of the most important industries. It plays a significant role in the development and civilization. Construction contracts are generally the agreements between two parties: owners and contractors containing documents that identify the rights and obligations of these parties. The purpose of this study was to give a description of the contracts used in Palestine, also to diagnose engineering, legal, and Islamic law problems appear when applying different types of contracts. In order to achieve the objectives of the study; three methods of data collection were used; a questionnaire was conducted and distributed to 80 contractors, the response rate was (59%). Several interviews were held with experts with law and religion, and also with arbitrators, contractors and owners. In addition, several construction contracts were revised, examined, and analyzed. These contracts were collected from different institutes such as: governmental institutes, municipalities, local private institutes, NGOs, etc.