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Research Title: 
The Effect of Adding Zebar as an Admixture on the Durability and Permeability of Concrete
Narmin Radi AI-Barq
Dr. Riyad A. Karim
Dr.Osama Abaza
Research Abstract: 

The effect of adding Zebar as partial replacement of mixing water on the properties of concrete is investigated. In particular, this research is done to study the effect of adding Zebar on durability and permeability. The effect on durability is studied by performing abrasion test using Rotating Cutter Head Machine. The effect on permeability is investigated by measuring the air content of freshly mixed concrete using the pressure method. Furthermore, absorption test has been done for the specimens at age of 28 days.
Our results show that the compressive strength decreased when the Zebar percentage was up to 10% of mixing water, but beyond that the compressive strength increased by increasing the Zebar percentage. Furthermore, at a Zebar percentage of 30-35% the compressive strength increased up to 24% of the strength of concrete without using Zebar.
Regarding permeability, the results show that the air content for all mixes increased up to 5% by adding Zebar. this implies that Zebar can be used as air entrained agent especially in frost conditions.