Research and Development (SCOReD), 2011 IEEE Student Conference

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Research Title: 
An investigation of user participation in the architectural design process in Palestine
Ahmed Saleh
Ahmad Rafi
Peter Woods
Ziad Senan
Khairi Marei
Mon, 2011-12-19
Research Abstract: 
This work demonstrates the issue of participation in the architectural design process in Palestine. The study discusses two main issues. The first issue is the theoretical side of participation concepts including two aspects of the participation process; significance and level of participation. The second issue is the fieldwork of participation concentrating on Al-Maageen Housing Project in Palestine. This case study investigates the current practices of the participation process in the housing project in Palestine. The aim of conducting this case study is to know the extent of applying the concept of community participation. In addition, it aims to develop an approach to the practical level of participation. The study has revealed that the participation process should start at the early stage of the design process and inform the users about their rights of participation.