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Research Title: 
• Computer Visualization Media for Improving User Participation in The early Stage of Architectural Design Process, Dr Ahmad Salah, An-Najah University.
Ahmad Saleh
Ehab Hejazi
Tue, 2016-04-26
Research Abstract: 

This article evaluates the use of three dimensional (3D) computer visualization (CV) media against two dimensional (2D) traditional visualization (TV) media, to support the participation of users at the early stage of architectural design process, based on qualitative quasi-experimental approach. As a strategic qualitative approach, a conversational dialogue between an architect and twelve clients was used to assess the participation behavior of the clients in designing their houses by using two different versions of media in an experimental design conditions. The results revealed that 3D CV media was more helpful than 2D TV media in terms of the client’s ability to better clarify the design, interact with the designer, express representational elements, read visual material VM and utilize the tool’s functions.