International Engineering Conference ‘Mutah 2004'

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Research Title: 
Design of a Proper Solid Waste Collection System for Salfeet Municipality: A Case Study in Palestine
Ahmad Ramahi
R. Khalil
Fri, 2003-12-26
Research Abstract: 
This paper presents the result and experience gained through a case study of designing a proper solid waste collection system for the town of Salfeet in Palestine. The study aims mainly to develop a sustainable solid waste collection system that improves the general health condition and quality of life in Salfeet. In this study, a proper solid waste collection system based on actual solid waste characteristics was designed, the required collection technology was first specified, a clear plan of collection route, frequency and schedule was then developed based on computer analysis using Geographic Information System (GIS). It is expected that the implementation of the designed solid waste collection system will certainly insure a cost-effective improvement in the quality of life in Salfeet. Moreover, the study (especially the field survey part) has drawn the public attention towards correct solid waste disposal practice and its positive impact on human health and environment.