International Conference and Exhibition on Design and Production of Dies and Molds

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Research Title: 
Using a Geometry Based Classification and Coding Approach in the Design of Mold Rigging System in Sand Casting
Ahmad Ramahi
S. kayali
Thu, 1996-12-19
Research Abstract: 
The quality of cast metal parts s very dependent upon the design of the rigging system (sprue, runners, gates and risers). Traditionally, designing a rigging system s mplemented manually given a set of drawings or model to visualize the casting dimensions and geometric features. The design procedure of mold rigging system can be made quite simple, through the use of computers. However this requires a method of describing the geometry (which plays a central rule n rigging design) of casting part n an easy and non-expensive way; the basic group technology classification s such a method, making use of a digital coding system. This paper presents the development of such a system to be mainly mplemented for the mold rigging design n sand casting.