7th Jordanian International Mechanical Engineering Conference (JIMEC’7)

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Research Title: 
Design and Fabrication of a Deep Drawing Machine: Experimental Investigation of Limiting Drawing Ratio
Ahmad Ramahi
Yahya Saleh
Sun, 2009-12-27
Design_and_Fabrication_of_a_Deep_Drawing_Machine_Experimental_Investigation_of_Limiting_Drawing_Ratio.pdf833.54 KB
Research Abstract: 
This Paper represents the work implemented in designing, fabricating and operating a model of a cheap hydraulic deep drawing machine (DDM), which is currently utilized in the manufacturing processes lab in the Industrial Engineering Department (IED) at An-Najah National University. The machine is being used in conducting different experiments related to the deep drawing process.As known, deep drawing is a sheet-metal working process in which a punch draws a blank sheet into a die cavity to form cup-shaped or box-like parts [1].This work was carried out in three stages; the first was the design stage, in which all design calculations of the DDM elements were completed based on the specifications of the product (cup) to be drawn. The second was construction stage, in which the DDM elements were fabricated and assembled at the engineering workshops of the university. The last was the operation and experimentation stage, in which the DDM was tested by conducting different experiments. In conclusion, the experience gained in designing and constructing a mechanical lab equipment was found to be successful in terms of obtaining practical results that agree with those available in literature, saving money relative to the cost of a similar purchased equipment, as well as enhancing students’ abilities in understanding the deep drawing process in particular and machine elements design concepts in general.