The 32 th International Conference on Computers & industrial Engineering

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Research Title: 
The Effect of Efficient Lighting on the Environment
N. Tibi
Ahmad Ramahi
Tue, 2003-08-12
Research Abstract: 
This paper presents the results gained through the Energy Conservation pilot Project in the Town of Salfeet/Palestine. The project was funded by the UNDP and executed in a framework of the cooperation between An najah national university , the UNDP , and Salfeet Municipality. The project aims mainly to draw the public attention towards the importance of energy conservation in reducing pollution as well as running cost. In fact a major component in the project was the replacement of the incandescent lambs for about 40% of the resident of Salfeet (626 families) the 40-100 Watt Lambs were replaced by 18 Watt Compact Florescent Lambs (CFL), each benefited family was given 3 to 5 CFL free of charge depending on number of persons per family . It is found that the total energy saved because of lamp-replacement in Salfeet is about 5000kWh/month, and the total emission saved of CO2 is about 5792 kg as coal is burned to generate electricity. Furthermore, the project has improved public awareness about energy conservation concepts and their positive impact on local and global climate changes.