Application of Superpave System for Binder Selection Based on Local Conditions

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Ala'a Shafiq Lutfi Abdullah
This thesis generally, aims to apply the Superpave system in West Bank regions. This system was developed in the U.S.A during period 1987- 1993. The temperature data for West Bank regions was obtained from Directorate of Meteorology at the Ministry of Transportation. The latitude for each city was obtained from geographical maps. The analysis of data showed that most of Palestinian areas require one Type of binder which is PG 64-10 excluding Jericho, which requires PG 70-10. According to a study conducted in Jordan about the properties of local binders, which is the same type of binder used in the West Bank, it appeared that it has the same properties of PG 64-16. Therefore, the local binder can be used in all West Bank regions excluding Jericho. In this thesis several special cases were studied as such as slow traffic, standing traffic, and heavy traffic volume. The optimum binders for these cases were determined accordingly. Finally, it is recommended to use Superpave system in the West Bank because it has better performance over the Marshall mix design, as found by several studies.

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