Analysis and Short-Term Future Vision for the Transportation Plan in Jenin City

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Ahmad Hasan Mohamad AL-Mosleh
There is a lack of urban and transportation planning in Jenin City. This study addresses the short-term planning for the transportation systems in Jenin City to reach at appropriate solutions for the transportation problems in the city. In addition, the study addresses other detailed objectives for the various transportation systems in the city. This study includes statistical data collection from its various sources and field surveys (traffic volume studies, parking studies, and inventory studies). The thesis includes a study of existing transportation systems (description and evaluation), traffic analysis of studied intersections (capacity, level of service, and signalization). The analysis includes existing and future conditions (after five years), which depend on projected number of vehicles based on natural population growth for Jenin City, as the number of vehicles during the last ten years was not regularly registered and licensed. The importance of this thesis is that there is a need for regularly conducting such studies every five years to update such plans taking into consideration several changes taking place in this city. Most of these changes come from political and economical reasons, in addition to the changing traffic conditions in the transportation network and the existing and proposed transportation systems resulted from the Jenin Master Plan. Based on the analysis, the study reached at several recommendations for the existing and proposed road network conditions, which form the transportation master plan for the city. The proposed changes include plans for the studied intersections and roadways, parking, public transportation, truck routes, pedestrian areas, and the institutional structure. The study concluded that only one intersection is warranted for signalization in the future, which is An-Naffa Intersection.

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