Communications, Computers and Applications, 2008. MIC-CCA 2008. Mosharaka International Conference on

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Research Title: 
Kalman Filter Channel Estimation Based On Comb-Type Pilots for OFDM System in Time and Frequency -Selective Fading Environments
H. Mahmoud
R. Saleem
A. Mousa
Fri, 2008-08-08
Research Abstract: 

Kalman-filter method have been used for the estimation of time-frequency-selective fading channels in OFDM systems, the estimation is based on Comb-type pilot frequencies arrangement, the channel coefficients that belong to the pilot subcarriers are estimated. Then these estimates are interpolated using different types of interpolations like; Low pass interpolation, Spline cubic interpolation or Linear interpolation. The performances of all schemes have been compared by finding Bit Error Rate where BPSK modulation scheme was used.