47th International Symposium

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Research Title: 
Data Encryption Performance Based on Blowfish
Mousa, A.
Wed, 2005-06-08
Research Abstract: 

Some of the important parameters of the blowfish encryption algorithm are being analyzed and examined to see how these parameters may affect the performance of the algorithm. The performance indices here are the security and speed of the algorithm. This study is applied to different types of data; text, sound and image. For each case the encryption/decryption key length has been changed and its effect on the performance was noticed. Moreover, the file size is changed and its affect on the performance of the algorithm was noticed. This has shown that changing the key length has no effect on the encryption or decryption time whereas changing the plaintext file size is directly reflected on the processing time. The results obtained here have been converted into modules of equations of high orders thus the future performance of the algorithm may be predicted from these equations.