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Research Title: 
Metabolic Studies on Desfferale analysis in Biological fluids & their Determination by RP-HPLC
Suleiman AlKhaIil
R.B. Hider
S. Singh
Ola. Epemola
Tue, 1995-05-23
Metabolic_Studies_on_Desfferale_analysis_in_Biological_fluids_&_their_Determination_by_RP-HPLC.pdf18.34 KB
Research Abstract: 

Sufferers of Haemoglobinopathic disorders who are dependent on regular blood transthsion become heavily iron overloaded as a result of the lack of effective excretory mechanisms for excess iron in human. The only drug presently available to aremove excess body iron is desferrioxamine (DFO). For maximal efficacy this drug has to be adminstered by daily subcutaneous infusion. The 3 - hydroxy pyridine - 4 - ones are currently one of the leading candidates for development as orally active alternatives to (DFO) . 
Metabolism of CP2O, CP94 and CPIO2 was studied by analyzing rat bile, urine and serum samples after administration of these drugs. Major and minor metabolites were identified by ineais of RP-HPLC. Chrornatographi analysis was carried out using a Hypercanb porous graphitised carbon HPC column (10cm x 0.46 cm). The mobile phase was 14: 86 (v/v) AcetonitmileNaH2PO4 buffer and detection was by UN at 280 mu. The method proves to be sensitive and selective for CP 20. CP 94 and CP 102 and their metabolites in rat biological fluids.