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Research Title: 
Antibacterial Activity of {Khellin} in Different Crude Extracts From
Suleiman Al Khalil
Lübna Al- Sharif
Wed, 2005-08-10
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Research Abstract: 

The objectives of this study on Ammi visnaga fruits were to extract the most active ingredient” Khellin” in different methods, conditions & forms to obtain different crude extracts with different properties that contain Khellin in various proportions. We extracted khellin in impure form by n-hexane: MeOH procedure; in which we changed n-Hexane proportion & time of mixing with plant powder, sterilized in 10% DMSO & gave good results at Broth dilution method of fresh preparations. Also, we aimed from this project: authentication these results by detecting presence of khellin on TLC, that showed the presence of Khellin in high proportions at different crude preparations, but in impure form. The most advanced eluient was EtOASc: CHCL3 60:40 v/v in comparison to EtOAc-eluent alone (although it appeared in conjunction to visnagin). These results should encourage continuous researches & gather the efforts to be directed towards the importance of herbal medicine in our area due to: high number of herbal plants & great diversity of active ingredients (Like Khellin in A.visnaga), which it contains to help in many ailments and diseases treatment at this century.