First Palestinian cancer Conference

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Research Title: 
Anti Tumor Agents and Cytotoxic Activity Of alpha - Methylene Lactones of Plant Origin
Sulciman AI-KhaliI
Brian A. Marpics
Sun, 1995-12-03
Research Abstract: 

In the search for anti tumor activity large numbers of amethylene -y-butyro-lactones have been tested and some of these include; Eapachiorim, Eapacunin, helanalin, vemomenin, Elephantopin and vernolepin, all these are of plant origin and have been tested and found to have some cytotoxic activity. However, It has been suggested that the chemical combination of u-methylene lactones with a steroidal or hormonal carriers moiety could provide a mean of obtaining chemotheraputic agents which might be tumor site specific for breast or prostatic cancer. A number of biologically active steioidal a - itiethylene lactones and their structural activities will be discussed.