Titlesort icon Journal Title, Volume, Page Full Text Year of Publication
Al-Aqsa, Sanctities &Endowments in ‘Israel’ Book: the Arab community in ‘Israel’
Annexation of the triangle area to the PA or the Palestinian state Al-Nidaa Foundation
Arakan past and present shu”oon dawliya journal,v4, 1998
Associations that deal with the heritage of the city of Jerusalem under Israeli systematic forgery & their role in preserving it Book: Studies of cultural heritage of the city of Jerusalem 2009
Basis for establishing an international Islamic power shu”oon dawliya journal 1994
Determinants of the Arab-Israeli conflict from the Israeli perspective shu”oon shark awsatia,middle east studies center 2005
Identity crisis in arab Israeli community shu shu”oon dawliya journal" 1995
Israel after fifty years: evolution or destruction El-Moslemah magazine
Lobby forces in international politics shu”oon dawliya journal,v3 1996
New middle east “Western project of globalizing the region” shu”oon dawliya journal,v8 2003
Palestine in the Christian Zionist agenda Journal of ʿAsr Al-fikir,v1 2007
Palestinian without identity!! Journal of Eshrāqa
Political movement in Israel: economic, social and security dimensions shu”oon shark awsatia,middle east studies center,v 32-33
Pressure Groups in international political shu”oon dawliya journal
Rights of Israeli Arabs in Israel “s law shu”oon dawliya journal 1995
Sanctities and endowments from the perspective of the Islamic movement. Al Mesbar studies & research Centre 2012
Shishani Crisis shu”oon dawliya journal 1995
The Arab community in ‘Israel’ Book: Introduction to the Palestinian issue 2004
The Arabs in the Israeli curriculum shu”oon dawliya journal 2005
The Civil service & its educational &value implications on Arab youth in ‘Israel’ Book: the civil service and the Palestinians in Israel 2002
The contemporary Kosovo crisis shu”oon dawliya journal,v5 1999
The effects of security in the political movement in Israel shu”oon shark awsatia,middle east studies center 2005
The Impact of Israeli elections in region kadaia shark awsatiya” journal of the middle east affairs” 1996
the Islamic Movement within the green line journal of middle east Affairs,vol.3,no1-2 1997
The Nakba in Hebrew literature Journal of ʿAsr Al-fikir,v2 2008