7th International Symposium on Communication Systems Networks and Digital Signal

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Research Title: 
Neural Networks-Based Tool for Diagnosis of Paranasal Sinuses Conditions
Abdel–Razzak Natsheh
Prasad VS Ponnapalli
Nader Anani
Dalil Benchebra
Atef El-kholy
Newcastle upon Tyne
Wed, 2010-07-21
Neural Networks-Based Tool for Diagnosis of Paranasal Sinuses Conditions528.03 KB
Research Abstract: 

This paper describes the development of a neural networks-based software system for the analysis and diagnosis of sinus conditions. Traditional image processing techniques and artificial neural networks tools and algorithms such as the self-organizing maps (SOM) were invoked in the development of the diagnosis system. The data were in the form of anonymous CT-images of sinuses obtained from a local hospital. A major problem faced the development of the system was caused by the fragmented or incomplete boundaries between different objects in the CTimages. A new algorithm was developed and successfully applied to complete such boundaries. The system was thoroughly tested with real images and the results indicate a potential for the system to be integrated within a CTscanning system to automate the process of diagnosis.