The 7th IEEE/IET International Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal ‎Processing

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Research Title: 
A New Algorithm for Completing Fragmented Boundaries in Images
A.R. Natsheh
P. Ponnapalli
N. A. Anani
D. Benchebra
Wed, 2010-07-21
Research Abstract: 

In any image processing system, the process of detection and identification of individual objects within an image is often impeded by the presence of gaps in the boundaries of different objects. Various algorithms have been described in the literature for closing such gaps and hence completing fragmented boundaries making the detection of different objects within an image easier. In this paper a new algorithm, the Growing Circle Algorithm, is presented for completing broken boundaries. The algorithm was initially developed for completing the eyes' boundaries in medical images of the human face. In particular, the algorithm has been successfully implemented in a medical image processing system for diagnosis of paranasal sinuses conditions. In addition, the algorithm has also been successfully used for estimating and completing boundaries of varying geometry, complexity and degree of fragmentation.