Profiling Visitors to Palestine: The Case of Bethlehem City

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التنميط آخر إلى فلسطين: حالة مدينة بيت لحم
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Jafar Subhi Hardan Suleima
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Department of Tourism and Archeology , An-Najah National University
Preferred Abstract (Original): 
Regardless of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians a large number of international
tourists visit the Holy Land every day. Despite the fact that people visit Palestine on daily basis
simple information about visitors’ profile to Palestinian tourism places and trip characteristics is
not visible in the tourism academic literature. This information is necessary for marketing
purposes. Thus, the major aim of this paper was to profile international visitors to Bethlehem city
in the West Bank. About 300 questionnaires were randomly distributed in popular places in
Bethlehem and 198 usable questionnaires were completed. Like in many other world
communities, tourism in Palestine is needed to maintain local livelihoods and bring prosperity. 
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