Treatment of the Wastewater Using a Constructed Wetland System

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Eng. Majd Masoud
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A –four stages constructed wetland system consisting of 4-stages (vertical flow Beds) connected On series has been investigated in my research, in the four stages I use the same media, it was  Three layers for height 50cm, the first layer from the Bottom of the bed was 13 cm height with Gravel it size (10-15) cm, the second Layer of the bed was 27cm height it was gravel with size (1 -2) cm the third layer Was 10 cm height with gravel size (1-2) cm mixed with sand with  Percentage (3:1), the general porosity in the system was 45% which is high porosity, which  Mean more durable system, I replicated the system five times with different types Of plants  (Corn Brooms, Corn, Parley, Alfalfa, and Sunflower) and the testes done For the five plant, I do Many tests for BOD, COD, TSS,  TKN,  the Removal of BOD was surrounding between  (94-96.9) % with HLR = 72.3Kg/ha.d, the removal of COD was (79.4-88.5) % with  HLR=99.3Kg/ha.d , the Removal of TSS was (90.8-97.1) % with HLR=41.1Kg/ha.d , the  Removal of TKN was (62.5-65.4) % with HLR=41.8 Kg/ha.d, this system can be applied in  Slope grounds successfully.