International Graduate Conference on Science, Humanities and Engineering 2011 (IGCSHE2011)

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Research Title: 
Temporal and Spatial Characterization of Trace Metals in Wastewater Streams in the West Bank
Marwan Haddad
Atif Abu Jaish Abstract
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Research Abstract: 

Six major wastewater streams in the West Bank were monitored for twenty one trace metals and other chemicalcontent. Stream-wastewater samples were collected for the six streams over four month’s duration from September2010, to February 2011 to cover dry and wet seasons. Each wastewater stream was sampled six times or monthlyand from the same location. Samples collected were spatially different in quality for each stream reflecting thenature of water use in the various locations. Temporarily, samples collected had three trend natures: decreasing,small or no changes, and increasing from dry (fall) to wet (winter) season. Results are discussed relevant to eachstream, to the monitoring season, to the spatial distribution, and to possible causative factors contributing to streamwastewater quality.