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Research Title: 
The Use of Electronic Dictionary in the Language Classroom: The Views of Language Learners
Kefah Barham
Thu, 2016-12-29
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Research Abstract: 
E- Dictionaries have the potential to be a useful instrument in English Language classes, at the same time; it can be seen as a waste of time and a hindrance tool in the English Language classroom. This paper reports on students’ use of e-dictionary in two of “Educational Readings in the English Language” course sections through in-depth focus group discussions with some of the students. The overarching question that this study explores is “What are the students’ experiences in using e- dictionaries in Educational Readings in English classes at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Teacher Training students at A-Najah National University?” Findings of this exploratory study show that students had great and exciting experience in using the mobile dictionary in learning new vocabularies. Therefore they have positive attitudes and perceptions toward mobile dictionary.
Key Words: e-dictionaries, mobile dictionaries, paper dictionaries, English vocabulary, EFL