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Research Title: 
Multi-cluster, Mixed-Mode Computational Modeling of Human Head Conductivity
Adnan Salman
Sergei Turovets
Allen D. Malony
V. M. Volkov
Wed, 2005-06-01
Research Abstract: 
A multi-cluster computational environment with mixed-mode (MPI + OpenMP) parallelism for estimation of unknown regional electrical
conductivities of the human head, based on realistic geometry from segmented MRI up to 2563 voxels resolution, is described. A finite difference multi-component alternating direction implicit (ADI) algorithm, parallelized using OpenMP, is used to solve the forward problem calculation describing the electrical field distribution throughout the head given known electrical sources. A simplex search in the multi-dimensional parameter space of tissue conductivities is conducted in parallel across a distributed system of heterogeneous computational resources. The theoretical and computational formulation of the problem is presented. Results from test studies based on the synthetic data are provided, comparing retrieved
conductivities to known solutions from simulation. Performance statistics are also given showing both the scaling of the forward problem and the performance dynamics of the distributed search.