Optoelectronic properties of Ga4Se3S-layered single crystals

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Physica Scripta (Impact Factor: 1.03). 07/2008; 78. DOI: 10.1088/0031-8949/78/01/015701
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Khaled Ilawi
Department of Physics, Arab American University , Jenin ,Palestine
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Associate Prof., Department of Physics, An-Najah National University ·
A. F. Qasrawi
Atilim University , 06836 Ankara,turkey
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Prof. Dr.,Department of electrical and electrnics Engineering, Atilim University · physics
Nizami Mamed Gasanly
Current Affiliation: 
Department of Physics, Middle East Technical University ·
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The optoelectronic properties of Bridgman method-grown Ga4Se3S single crystals have been investigated by means of room temperature electrical resistivity, temperature-dependent photosensitivity and temperature-dependent optical absorption. The photosensitivity was observed to increase with decreasing temperature, the illumination dependence of which was found to exhibit monomolecular recombination in the bulk at 300 K. The absorption coefficient, which was calculated in the incident photon energy range of 2.01-2.35 eV, increased with increasing temperature. Consistently, the absorption edge shifts to lower energy values. The fundamental absorption edge corresponds to an indirect allowed transitions energy gap (2.08 eV at 300 K) that exhibits a temperature coefficient of -9.5×10-4 eV K-1.

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