Electronic structure of modulation-doped heterostructures: electric field effects

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Superlattices and Microstructures (Impact Factor: 1.98). 07/1998; 24(1):61-67.
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Khaled Ilawi
Department of Physics,Middle East Technical University , Ankara
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Associate Prof., Department of Physics, An-Najah National University ·
Department of Physics,Middle East Technical University , Ankara
M. I. El-Kawni
Department of Science, al-Quds Open University, Nablus, West Bank (via Israel)
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Self-consistent energy levels of electrons in modulation-doped GaAs/Ga1−xAlxAs heterostructures are presented and their dependence on various device parameters are examined.Theresultsofthecalculationoftheelectricfieldeffectsontheshapeoftheconfinement potential, the electron concentration and the shape of the wavefunction are presented.
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