Endowments District of Nazareth During the British Mandate (1922-1948) Documentary study

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Hanadi Rashad Mustafa Al-Ashqar
Endowments District of Nazareth During the British Mandate (1922-1948) Documentary study9.46 MB

The Islamic Endowments had a big role in all aspects of life and it became clear that since the establishment of the Supreme Islamic Council in 1921 played a leading role in maintaining the Islamic holy places. This was a role complementary to the role of the Ottoman Empire , which maintained its rule this land shown to Palestine , where the Ottoman lands in accordance with the provisions and regulations. The study focused on the Islamic Endowments in Nazareth, served in a time where the British Mandate reviewed the types of endowments, in particular charitable endowments such as mosques, tombs and shrines, cells and Endowments Atomic land and houses, shops and real estate endowment. Which was a major source for the refresh of social and economical situation in the judiciary. This study dealt with administrative formations which include formations in the district of Nazareth and the District of Acre and the administrative system and the agent steering committee actors in Nazareth, and incumbent and showed the responsibility of each of them as indicated to the administrative nature of the relationship between them. And the study clarified dependency management which represents things Endowments and the Commission authorities in Acre and assistive devices and the Directorate general of Awqaf and Islamic Supreme Council. The study highlighted the size of the endowments, its divisions and its revenues and expenditures. And also addressed the direct and indirect infractions on the endowments either form the managing of endowments himself, or the public or the Government of the British Mandate, which helped the Israeli occupation during his reign in control of large tracts of land and the Islamic Endowments believe in the Zionist movement. The procession of endowments in the district of Nazareth left important documents which known documents District of Nazareth and Acre documents to be considered a center of the Islamic Endowments in the Northern District and documentation center to servive the Islamic heritage in Jerusalem and that these documents are the main source of information on the Islamic Endowment in the judiciary.