Cellulosic Fibers with Odor Control Characteristics

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United State patent 8138106
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Hamed; Othman A
An-Najah National Uinveristy
Chmielewski; Harry J
rayonier Research Center
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An odor-inhibiting fiber having a cellulosic fiber and an odor-inhibiting formulation. The odor-inhibiting formulation may contain an odor-inhibiting agent, such as a biocide, an enzyme, a urease inhibitor. The odor-inhibiting formulation also may contain a liquid carrier such as a hydrophobic or hydrophilic organic liquid, or a mixture of a hydrophobic and hydrophilic organic liquid. The cellulosic fiber is impregnated with the odor-inhibiting formulation to produce fiber having odor-inhibiting characteristics. The resultant odor-inhibiting fiber is useful in making absorbent articles with odor-inhibiting characteristics. The fiber of the embodiments prevents odor by inhibiting bacteria growth and ammonia production, especially when used in an absorbent article such as a diaper or adult incontinence device.