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The Italian-Spanish meting in Pharmaceutical Chemistry Synthesis, Chemical Solvolysis Stability and Biological Evaluation of (+,-) Cpzl: A Pyrazole Analog of the Left Hand Segment of Anti Tumor Agent CC-1065‎ Wed, 1995-08-30
XIX National Congress "Research & Technology" Pyrazole Analogs of CC-1065: High Cytotoxics Compounds with High Sequence Selectivity to the DNA Sun, 1996-06-09
Eight Fechem Conference on Heterocycles in Bio-Organic Chemistry Synthesis, Chemical Solvolytic ‎Stability and Preliminary Biological Evaluation of Pyrazole Analogs of the ‎Natural Anti Tumor Agent CC-1065 and Duocramycin Sun, 1996-09-01
XII National Meeting - Division of Italian Pharmaceutical and Chemical Society Synthesis Solvolytic Stability and Biological Evaluation of Pyrazole Analogs of the Natural Anti Tumor Agent ‎CC-1065. 1065 and Duocramycin Mon, 1996-09-23
5th International Symposium on the Chemistry and Pharmacology of Pyridazines Pyridazine Nucleus: A Pharmacophoric Moiety. for Bio-Active Compounds Wed, 1996-10-02
6th Ibn Sina International Conference on Pure and Applied Heterocyclic Chemistry Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Heteroaryl Analogs of the Anti Tumor Agents CC-1065 ‎and Duocarmycin Sat, 1997-12-13
‎6th‎ ‎International Symposium on Adenosine and Nucleotides Structure-Activity Relationship of One Class of Substituted -2-Amino-3-Benzoyl-Thiophenes as Al Adenosine ‎ Receptor Modulator Tue, 1998-05-19