The Effects of Partial Replacement of Soybean Meal in the Grower Diet with Sun-Dried Blood and Boiled Feather Meals on the Performance of Broiler Chicks

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This study was conducted to determine the effects of feeding feather,
blood meals, separately, or combined, during the grower phase, on the
performance of broiler chickens. Straight-run, one hundred and fifty one
day old broiler chicks were reared in deep litter house to 18 days of age, at
day 19, one hundred chicks were divided into ten equal replicate groups
using completely randomized block design. Five isonitrogenous and
isocaloric experimental mash growing diets were prepared as follows :
control, diet 2 contained 5% feather meal (FM), diet 3 contained 5% blood
meal (BM), diet 4 contained 5%FM plus 3%BM, and diet 5 contained
5%FM plus 5% BM. The chickens were randomly allocated to the five
dietary treatment groups having two replicates of 20 chicks in each group .
Feed intake, weight gain, feed conversion ratio, and carcass characteristics
were not significantly affected by dietary treatments. Feed conversion was
numerically better for the control birds followed by those fed 5% BM.
Birds fed the diet that contained feather meal plus blood meal 5%BM, and
5%FM diets had feed conversion numerically lower than the birds fed the
control . The results indicated that heated sun-dried blood meal up to 5% or
boiled feather meal up to 5% can be incorporated in the growing broiler
diet without any adverse effect on production variables during the growing
and at the end of the rearing period .