Numerical calculation of the magnetodielectric anisotropy effect in magnetic fluids

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Phys. Rev. B 54, 13063 - 13071 (1996)
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The magnetodielectric anisotropy effect in Fe3O4 particle magnetic fluid has been numerically calculated. Our results, in agreement with previously reported results, show that the dielectric constant in the direction parallel to the field increases with the applied field, while that normal to the field decreases. The results also, in agreement with previous results, show that the dielectric constant in the field direction increases with temperature above a given temperature Ts reaching a maximum at Tm then decreases for higher temperatures; while in the direction normal to the field it decreases with temperature for temperatures above Ts reaching a minimum at Tm then increases for higher temperatures. Furthermore, our results show the important role that dimensionality plays on the magnetodielectric anisotropy effect