Characterization Analysis of Chromium Nitride Reactively Sputtered Deposited Coating on Aluminum Alloy

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J. of Active and Passive Electronic Devices, Vol. 2, pp. 305–314
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The possibility of significantly improving the wear resistance, corrosion and friction behavior of aluminum alloys for automobile engine applications is demonstrated by using a chrome nitride (CrN) coating. Thin films of CrxN1−x were deposited on aluminum 6061 using a reactive sputtering technique in an unbalanced magnetron deposition system. The hardness and elastic modulus of the films were measured using a nanoindentation technique. A CrN film of a few micrometers thick was shown to significantly improve the wear resistance of aluminum alloy. The reduction of adhesive wear by the presence of a CrxN1−x coating on the surface of the aluminum alloy is believed to be responsible.