Research Day, At Najah National University Nablus Palestine

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Research Title: 
The Effect of Light Intensity on Employees in Pharmaceutical Companies
M. W. Suleiman
Mohammed Abu-Jafar
Issam Ashqer
Fri, 2013-11-01
Research Abstract: 
This study measures the effect of light intensity levels on the systolic and diastolic blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, heart pulse rate and tympanic temperature of the workers of three pharmaceutical companies in Ramallah area. The workers were chosen to represent the population of the study. The companies were: Bir zeit pharmaceutical company-Ramallah branch (BZPR), Dar Alshifa pharmaceutical company (DA), and Bir zeit pharmaceutical company-Bir zeit branch (BZPB). The sample of the study consists of 219 workers distributed over the three companies. The parameters were measured before and after the workers’ work day. The results showed that there is a relation between light intensity levels and all the health parameters.