Prevalence of Prostate Cancer in West Bank - Palestine

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Sarmad Fawzi Helayle Al-Tayeh
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Two hundred and seventy one specimen were collected from the different northern and southern districts of West Bank—Palestine (Al- Watani Hospital and Beit Jala Hospital). All these specimen were diagnosed as having prostate cancer with different stages and different grades. ln this research we examined the correlation between the grade of prostate cancer and different variables such as age, city, place, address, smoking, occupation and number of children. Also we examined the correlation between the stage of prostate cancer and the same variables. We found that there are statistically significant correlation between grade and city, grade and smoking stage and place, stage and smoking, stage and occupation, and also between stage and number of children Also we noticed that the incidence frequency prostate cancer is highest in Bethlahem, lowest by Nablus then Jericho, but lowest in Jerusalem.