The Influence of Socio- Demographic Factors on The Level of Obesity and Health-Awareness among Physically Disabled in Nablus Governorate

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Samah Wasef Maqbool
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This study aimed to identify the influence of socio- demographic factors on the level of obesity and health awareness among the physically disabled in Nablus Governorate through measuring Body Mass Index and a questionnaire designed to measure the health awareness among the physically disabled in Nablus Governorate. The questionnaire was validated and its reliability was suitable for the study purposes. The questionnaire was distributed to a purposive sample with size (244) and the BMI was calculated for each subject of the study sample. After data collection, SPSS program was used to analyze it. The major results of the study that the researcher found were the following: - The total score of the present status health awareness among physically disabled in Nablus Governorate is low. - The total score of health awareness in managing stress and smoking domains was medium, while it was low in nutrition and medical care domains, and it was very low in exercises domain. - Mean of Body Mass index (BMI) among physically disabled in Nablus Governorate, is (25.91) Kg/m2. - There are significant correlation between BMI and gender, age, place of residence, social status and education. - There are significant differences in health awareness due to social status, education, daily watching TV and daily using computer. Based on the findings of this study, the researcher recommended the following:1.The need to disseminate health awareness concerning the handling of a balanced diet for all age groups, where the results of the study showed low awareness of the balanced health food. 2.Practicing aerobic exercises regularly, and follow a certain diet, to maintain physical fitness, and body mass index within the normal range. 3.The need to debrief tension through appropriate means, and not to use unhealthy ways to overcome the lack of care or the resulting effects.