Electric and Magnetic Field Radiation Leakage from Microwave Ovens at Homes in Palestine

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Muna Darawshe
The amount of radiation leakage, the electric field, magnetic field and the specific absorption rate (SAR) were investigated from 115 microwave ovens in domestic use in Palestine. The power density of radiation leakage from microwave ovens was measured using instruments. The age of ovens were between 1 month and 13 years old including 14 ovens with unknown age, with operating power ranging from 700 W to 1350 W of different types, manufacturers, and models. The power density of radiation from ovens was measured at different distances at the height of center of door screen. Electric field, Magnetic field and SAR were calculated at distances 5 cm and 20 cm from ovens. These values were much less than the recommended Electromagnetic Field levels (EMF), of International Commission on Non–Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) for 2.45 GHz radiofrequency. The power density of radiation leakages from microwave ovens does not depend on the oven age and operating power of ovens.
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