The Effect of the Electromagnetic Radiation from High Voltage Transformers on Students Health in Hebron District

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Iman Jbarah Ahmad Al-Faqeeh
This study aims to investigate the effect of exposing students to extremely low frequency electromagnetic radiation from high voltage transformers (160 KVA and 250 KVA). The sample of this study was 142 students including 69 males and 73 females, with ages (16-18) years and (9-11) years. This research was carried out in five schools in Hebron District. Measurements were taken for student's tympanic temperature, blood oxygen saturation, heart pulse rate, arterial blood pressure (diastolic and systolic), three times at (8:00 – 8:30) a.m and three times at (12:30 – 1:00) p.m in September 2012. These measurements were recorded indoors of the studied schools: Hebron Secondary Industrial School, Dura Secondary School for Girls, Al-Qadesya School for Girls and Boys, Wad Al-Sultan School for Girls and Boys, and Zaid Bn Haretha School for Girls and Boys, in Hebron District. The power flux density was measured using spectran RF 6080, the highest value was in Dura Secondary School 604 nW/ m2, and the lowest value was in Zaid Bn Haretha School for Girls and Boys 350 nW/ m2. These values explain that the schools were in different locations from the transformers. The data were subjected to statistical analysis. The results show that the measured values of power flux density were within slight concern limit. The effect of EMR on student’s health resulted in increasing tympanic temperature, heart pulse rate, arterial blood pressure (systolic and diastolic). On the other hand, the blood oxygen saturation was decreased.
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