Research Day, At Najah National University Nablus Palestine

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Research Title: 
Debye Momentum Cutoff of the Critical Binary Mixture of Carbon Tetrachloride and Coconut Oil
Yusur Hisham Kittany
Issam Ashqer
Fri, 2013-11-01
Research Abstract: 
Dynamic shear viscosity coefficients of the binary liquid mixture carbon tetrachloride and coconut oil have been measured using digital viscometer. The measured values were over the entire concentration range above the critical temperature (Tc= 295.35 K) in the range 0.05≤ T-Tc ≤ 17.8 K. The results above the critical temperature were analyzed by the mode coupling theory. The anomaly of shear viscosity was detected as a function of temperature and concentration Tc.= A least square fit near the critical temperature yields a value of the noncritical part of shear viscosity η0 = 2.59cP. Debye momentum cutoff qD and a constant A in the mode coupling theory were determined to be …..respectively. The intermolecular force range L (Debye parameter) was calculated