The Fourth Palestinian Conference on Modern Trends in Mathematics and Physics (PCMTMP-IV), At Al-Quds University - Jerusalem

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Research Title: 
Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation from Microwave Ovens on Worker's Health at Cafeterias in some Universities in Palestine
Isr'a Abu-Hadba
Mohammed Abu-Jafar
Issam Abdelraziq
Fri, 2014-08-01
Effects_of_Electromagnetic_Radiation_from_Microwave_Ovens_on_Worker's_Health_at_Cafeterias_in_some_Universities_in_Palestine.pdf115.75 KB
Research Abstract: 

This study highlights the effects of electromagnetic radiation from microwave ovens on the health of the workers who are exposed to microwave radiation during their work at cafeterias in four higher educational institutions in northern part of Palestine. The sample consists of 28 workers in all cafeterias. Measurements of heart pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation, tympanic temperature, systolic and diastolic blood pressure were taken three times between (8:00-8:30) am and another three times  at the same day (2:00 till 2:30 pm) at the end of their shift. The results demonstrate that the average of the measured values of radiation leakage equals 46.126 mW/m2. The average values of radiation leakage are small compared with the standard value which equals 5104 mW/m2 recorded by American National Standard Institute. It has been concluded that there is a correlation between radiation leakage from microwave ovens with oven's age, distance from oven, and the duration of use. Using measurable health parameters to detect the effect on workers' health reveals that there is no dangerous health effects of microwave radiation from microwave ovens used in the cafeterias of the university under study.